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I am a Kent based artist,  I specialise in coloured pencil portraits of wildlife, pets and people.
Cats and dogs are my most requested portraits and I do love a challenge. I am admired for my attention to detail and accuracy. I create my artwork using graphite, coloured pencils and watercolour.

I decided to give myself a challenge and draw some wildlife portraits in coloured pencil as a fund raising project, in collaboration with British photographers and the Kent Wildlife Trust. This has been an amazing journey and great fun to share with others.


I have 4 main passions in life my family, art, nature and science. I have always been a creative person and it has defiantly rubbed off on my 7 year old daughter. We have great fun drawing and painting together, even if she can draw 50 pictures to my 1. She's the best artist buddy anyone could ask for.


I studied art for a few years at KIAD in Rochester back in 1999, but I only started drawing pet portraits in 2005. After a lot of practice, I branched out to people portraits in 2009 and continued to refine my drawing skills. Up until 2017 I mostly drew as a hobby but now I have turned this small hobby into an occupation that I love. I work from home and have a lovely little studio corner set up to work all day while drinking tea and listening to the radio.

I am a member of the SAA, UK Coloured Pencil Society , the Rochester and West Kent Art Society and Painters Online.

I had my very own solo gallery at Tyland Barn in Maidstone in 2019. I have also had
my art work on display in a few galleries and I have won a few competitions too.


I won the Ron Wiseman Marine Art Competition 2020 with my drawing of a boat and a sunset over upnor and I came 1st with my portrait of a mouse and joint 3rd with my portrait of a fox in the RWKAS Winter Exhibition 2020.
Which got its own little mention in the Medway Messenger newspaper.


In the photo below with me is Trish Fairchild, she is the Chair of the RWKAS Society,
and Micheal Walsh the Judge of the competition and the Honorary President.

The RWKAS (Rochester and West Kent Art Society) is a lovely local art group based in and around Rochester, Kent. Their support has been wonderful.
We get together for art evening and days, where everyone encourages each other to try new techniques and experiment with different styles.

If you are interested in drawing or painting,
I would highly recommend joining a group near you. It is for fun and all levels of abilities are always welcome.


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