Graphite Pencil Portraits

I love the monotone look of Graphite. I would describe my style as realistic as I will try and match the photos I am drawing from to the best of my ability. This takes time and I really enjoy the different tones.
Graphite, Ladbaby, Christmas number 1

This is an A4 Graphite portrait of

Ladbaby and his family.

Back in 2018 (and 2019) Ladbaby

won the Christmas Number 1

(twice, well done)
I decided I wanted to send them a well done gift and drew them from their YouTube video of them singing their hit song
'We Built This City On Sausage Rolls'

They are absolute legends, making the UK laugh and smile every week.
I am absolutely grateful for my portrait

to be hanging up in the Shed-Pub

Drawn in 2018

2019 - Billy (2).jpg

This is an A4 Graphite portrait
Drawn 2019

This is an A4 Graphite portrait
Drawn 2007

Graphite, Dogs, Pets

Minnie and Dexter
This is a 11x14 Graphite portrait
Drawn 2019

Graphite, Family portrait

This is an A4 Graphite portrait of
Des and his Mum and Dad
Both of Des's parents had passed away and his wife wanted to have a portrait with all 3 of them together again.
This was a Christmas Commission.
Drawn in 2018