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Photograph Guidance

George 2020 (1).JPG

Choosing a reference photograph is very important because it will reflect the quality and accuracy of the finished portrait. In my experience, clear outside photographs work the best. Try to be at eye level with your pet, to help give them a natural pose. Feel free to send me multiple photographs, this can help me see details that your favorite pose/photo does not have. This means I can pick and choose details where the main reference photo is lacking, giving you the full effect in creating their individual personality.

It is however understandable that when your pet has past away, these photos are hard to find. This is still not a problem, I have had plenty of experience recreating details and

I will do everything to help you get the best portrait with the photos you already have.

This is also true for those naughty pets that are too hyper or are camera shy.
Cats are well know to turn their face just as you press for the perfect shot. Dogs are very happy to wag their tails and move at the slightest thought of walkies.
A favorite toy or snack can be a great way to get their attention. Some animals need to get used to the camera first, new objects can upset or excited your pet, and finally a great tip for dogs is to whisper 'walkies' or 'cats' to help prick those ears up for that perfect shot.

If you would like a portrait of with several subjects together, feel free to use multiple photos, as the subjects do not need to be in the same photo together to create your perfect portrait.

I am always here to help just send me a message for some advice, and if I am local to you, I have been known to come and help with the photography too.



Aim for:

Where possible aim for
several clear and high quality.

Outdoor photos work best because
they can accurately represent the colours

in your pet's eyes and their coat.

Try and be eye level with your pet

this helps to get a good natural pose.

Keep the camera still and let it focus

before your take your photo.

Mobile phone photos are just as good as a normal camera, just make sure your lens is clean.

Quirky poses are great fun

as long as you can seen your pets face.

Try and include your pets whole face with their eyes open.

You can send me several photos including close photos of the eyes and nose.

The more details in your photos the more details I can include into your portrait.

George 2015 (2).jpg

Here is my cat George modelling the examples

of the do's and dont's when taking your pets photos

Yes he knows he is very handsome, but he is also a nightmare to take a photo of because he constantly rolls over or turns away hahaha.


Try to avoid:

Blurry or dark photos.


Photos with cropped ears or parts of the face, (small missing parts can be recreated)

Try not to take photos with dark backgrounds, especially if your pet has a dark coloured coat.

Photos of pets far away have less details I can use to create your portrait.

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